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Juxtapoz Magazine – A Portfolio: Florent Stosskopf

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The solo show will be held at the Teatro Aperto in conjunction with BEERSWe take a look ahead to London, later this year. Florent StosskopfToday’s A Portfolio. BEERS states that “Florent’s Stosskopf was a self taught painter from Brittany in France. His work subverts art-historical themes, archetypes, and traditional perspectives through a modern perspective, reminiscent to Jonas Woods, Guy Yanais, Hillary Peciss, or Paul Wackers.” His complex floral scenes and still lifes are influenced by the Baroque movement and Modernism, as well as the annals from Classical Antiquity. He uses bright colours and razor sharp line-work. 

FLORENT STOSSKOPF, born 1989 in Rennes, France, is based currently in Brittany. The self-taught young artist holds a BA in Web and Graphic Design and an Advanced Technician Diploma in Communication from L’école Multimedia. Solo exhibitions include: I Feel Like Pablo, Gärna Art Gallery, Spain (2023); The Diaries of a Painter, OTI Gallery, Hong Kong (2023) and; Eternal Flowers, BEERS London (2021). Group exhibitions and fairs include: Future Fair New York with Duran Mashaal Gallery (2022); Karen Gallery, Australia (2020); Antigalerie in Paris (2019) and; Master of Botanical. 


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