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Juxtapoz Magazine, Radio Juxtapoz ep 132 : Christian Rex van Minnen Rethinks Everything At Once

Christian Rex van Minnen I decided to call on Valentine’s Day. He was about be announced as the cover of the SPRING 2024 Juxtapoz QuarterlyWe wanted to talk, as two old friends would do, on a day when sharing your…

Juxtapoz Magazine presents “Inkblots & Feeling Charts”, which are both universal and deeply personal.

We are always looking in the mirror. We are constantly looking at ourselves in the mirror, whether it is a physical mirror or an abstract concept. Consider it. Social media, self-help, advice, therapy, feelings, relationships, family, and sharing sharing sharing sharing until we can’t…

Juxtapoz Journal – Daniel Wealthy’s Wealthy Absence in an Exploration of “Parallels”

Daniel Wealthy has made a profession displaying us a richness of life by shows of absence. There’s something marvelous about what we create, the buildings we home ourselves in, the issues we make to have the world transfer round us….

Juxtapoz Magazine – A Portfolio: Florent Stosskopf

The solo show will be held at the Teatro Aperto in conjunction with BEERSWe take a look ahead to London, later this year. Florent StosskopfToday’s A Portfolio. BEERS states that “Florent’s Stosskopf was a self taught painter from Brittany in France….

Juxtapoz Magazine – The Texture of a “Synonym” in Justin Williams’ New Works

When I’m stuck, I like to do a Google search for a suitable synonym. Some use ChatGPT, I use a synonym search. I was thinking about this the other weekend as I looked at these new paintings from Justin Williams. They…

Juxtapoz Magazine The Never Normal “Normal Landscapes”, of Jessie Homer French

Small FiresThe opening of the new. Jessie Homer French’s fifth solo exhibition with the gallery. Following her inclusion in the 49th Venice Biennale and the Hammer Museum’s acclaimed Made in L.A. 2023: Acts of Living Biennial, Normal Landscapes presents a…

Juxtapoz Magazine – Mikiko Hara: Invisible Moments

“…beyond any of those details of the real, there are dreams. And everyone’s living in them.” —Haruki Murakami, Kafka’s Shore A moment is followed by another, except in a photo. Maybe, because can a single moment exist in solitude? Life…