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The shadow series by Levalet in Paris – StreetArtNews

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Here is a collection of images from Levalet’s latest series, an ongoing project that the French street artist is delivering to the streets of Paris. The play of shadow and reality can be seen in these life-size paste-ups. It is a gap that exists between will and ambition or between the present and the future of those caught in a particular moment. Levalet’s critical commentary on society is not new. Over the years, he has developed his own style, a result of an acute observation, but always with a poetic, and never cynical, gaze.

One of the defining aspects of Levalet’s art is its thematic depth. His works touch on a variety of topics, including societal standards, human relationships, as well as the struggles of everyday urban life. Each piece tells its own story and invites viewers to engage in dialogue about the issues that he addresses.
This “shadow” series can thus be added to one of the recurring themes of the topics he deals with,
The exploration of human identity, and the masks worn in society. Through clever juxtapositions, visual metaphors and other techniques, he challenges the viewer to reflect on his or her own role in the urban drama that is unfolding around them. See more images and stay tuned for updates.


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